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Who We Are

Uniphase, Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in tool design and building, plastic injection molding utilizing liquid silicone rubber (LSR), two-shot, and thermoplastics ranging from commodity to highly engineered resins. We pride ourselves on creating, developing, and deploying effective tooling and manufacturing solutions – including custom automated injection molding and contract manufacturing services.

What We Do

At Uniphase, we are completely full-service. Whether you come to us with a documented plan or an idea scribbled down on a napkin, we can make it a reality. At Uniphase, we build our production experience into everything we manufacture. From tooling to plastic injection molding, Uniphase is here to help you with any project you may have.

Why Uniphase

Uniphase is committed to getting our customers’ projects completed right the first time, on time. We engage with our customers right away to ensure their needs are being met.  Our captive resources and precision mold technologies allow us to hit deadlines other manufacturers can’t and gives us the ability to get to market faster.


Everything we do starts with you. Contact us to get your project started!

Injection Molding

As a full-service injection molding solution provider, Uniphase works with our customers from concept to packaging to ensure that their products are manufactured right the first time.


Uniphase’s engineering team operates with the latest technology to bring our customers’ ideas from concepts to fully realized products.


Utilizing cutting-edge technology and process automation, Uniphase’s tool room provides turnkey solutions to get our customer’s products to market fast.

Value Added

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, Uniphase offers an extensive array of value-added services for our customers.

Uniphase, Inc.

Full-Service Injection Molding Solution Provider
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