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Uniphase is a dynamic engineering and contract manufacturing company that leads customers from concept to production, offering cutting-edge turnkey solutions. At Uniphase, we live up to our name every day, creating one synchronized phase for tooling and custom injection molding needs.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Uniphase specializes in delivering complete and highly technical full-service plastic injection molding solutions with a dependable approach. With a broad range of competencies and precision mold technologies including, a state-of-the-art captive tool room, Uniphase can provide trusted solutions on time, every time.

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The Uniphase Process

At Uniphase, we develop new technologies in-house, helping you design, create, and produce the best molded products on the market. From start to finish, we bring parts to life with our six-step path, known as the “The Uniphase Path to Satisfied Customers,” which ensures a robust manufacturing process and a perfect finished result.

These six steps include napkin drawing, CAD drawing, 3D printing, sample production, production and the finished part.


Uniphase Process Infographic

Napkin Drawing

Where we begin the discussion and place a bigger plan into place.

CAD drawing

Our expert engineers stand by the manufacturability of the part.

3D printing

Our in-house 3D printer is utilized to print a copy of the design and get a prototype to the customer’s engineers.

Sample Production

Serves as the future guide to production.


Automated, all-electric presses to achieve the highest quality possible.

Finished part

From a vision to final product…how can Uniphase help your next drawing?



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