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Company History

Growing Through Innovation


Starting in 2004, owner Bill Morici, a toolmaker by trade with an extensive background in the plastics industry, recognized the need to bring highly engineered, turn-key solutions to the custom injection molding industry.

The vision was to bring together all stakeholders to deliver that turn-key solution for his customers, including the mold, machine, and automation. With that in mind, Bill shifted his focus from consulting to implementing his vision by purchasing the required capital equipment.

By 2010 the operation had outgrown the original 1,500 square foot facility. Bill then acquired a local Midwest injection molder and purchased our current facility. Over the next several years, Bill put together a team to implement his vision. Through continual reinvestment, we’ve expanded our manufacturing capabilities and capacity.

Today Uniphase continues to invest in emerging technologies and markets such as liquid silicone and virtual prototyping. Through sustainable solutions, we plan to grow beyond our current 50,000 sq. ft. space and look forward to continued growth.


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