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As a complete, full-service plastic injection molding contract manufacturing company, Uniphase helps to make dreams a reality, bringing our customer ideas to life using the latest technology. Operating in a collaborative partnership with your engineers every step of the way, our dynamic team of engineers delivers solutions with a focus on design for manufacturability, ensuring a robust manufacturing process.

Custom Automation –

Utilizing precision mold technologies, we’ve streamlined our processes to enhance our contract manufacturing capabilities, ensuring each manufacturing function is specific to your needs.

Integrated Vision and Safety Systems –

We look at projects from a large-scale macro-type perspective, allowing us to objectively perform work in a safe, environmentally sound matter.

SolidWorks Design Software –

A powerful 3D CAD and product design tool allowing us to scale, flourish, and adapt to 3D modeling changes.

Molding Simulation Software –

Utilizing leading molding simulation software, our team carries out a range of in-depth mold flow analysis and injection molding process simulations to optimize product designs and manufacturability. Our software features high compatibility and adaptability, providing an instant connection to mainstream CAD systems to generate a flexible simulation-driven design platform.

Comprehensive Program Management Utilizing Smartsheet –

No matter the size or complexity of your project, utilizing Smartsheet provides a real-time view of tasks across entire projects.

Reverse Engineering –

At Uniphase, we disassemble, exam and even analyze your products to discover the manufacturing concepts involved to produce something similar.

3D Printing –

At Uniphase, we are equipped to process three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. 3D printed objects are created using additive processes, where several successive layers of material are laid down until the object is created.

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