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What do you do when inspiration strikes? From designers to writers and everything in between, this question has plagued them for years. It can be challenging to know where to start when you have a product design idea.

At Uniphase, we understand the complexities of product design, which is why we are a full-service injection molding service provider, leading customers from concept to production. Our team is constantly working to solve the problems of all our customers. To do this, we develop new technologies in-house, helping you to design, create, and produce the best molded products on the market. Uniphase, Inc. aims to provide you with the best service possible so we can manufacture your product in a way that exceeds your expectations.

The Uniphase Path to Satisfied Customers

Uniphase Process Infographic

In line with that goal, we have implemented what we call “The Uniphase Path to Satisfied Customers,” consisting of six steps: napkin drawing, CAD drawing, 3D printing, sample production, production, and finished part. This path helps us bring your design to life, ensuring a robust manufacturing process and a perfect finished result.

Throughout our history, our mission has remained to see your design through to the end. We will have your product done right the first time, on time.

1) Napkin Drawing

While writing something down on a napkin is rarely seen today, thanks to smartphones, a napkin drawing is when you come to us with the most rudimentary idea of the product you would like to make. In this phase, we begin our discussion of designing and creating the plastic part you would eventually like to reach in the end. The napkin drawing is the start of putting the bigger plan into motion.

2) CAD Drawing

CAD (computer-aided design) drawing utilizes software to create drawings that help with the creation, modification and optimization of the product. CAD software produces 2D or 3D models, and it can increase productivity, shorten the design cycle and even improve the quality of your plastic part. The top-notch engineers at Uniphase utilize CAD drawings throughout the entire process of your product design and manufacturing.

3) 3D Printing

In this phase, your design begins to take shape – as we construct a three-dimensional object from the CAD drawing to help you get a better idea of how your plastic part will appear. Utilizing our in-house 3D printer, we print a copy of the design and get a prototype to your engineers. It is beneficial for everyone involved in the production process to visualize the part in hand, understanding manufacturability.

4) Sample Production

After the 3D-printed prototype for the plastic part is approved, our team implements a sample production. The sample reflects the technical drawings of the preceding stages and is a perfect prototype of your design. Additionally, our manufacturers will use the sample products as a guide moving forward.

5) Production

Production is an area in which our expertise shines. Uniphase utilizes automated, all-electric late model presses for injection molding to achieve the highest product quality possible. Once your design is ready for the production floor, all aspects have already been considered and planned out, which results in a smooth production process.

6) Finished Part

In our sixth and final phase, your vision has, at last, become a reality. We are confident that you will walk away satisfied with your finished product and eager to work with Uniphase again for your next project.

Uniphase can meet and even exceed all your plastic manufacturing needs. We specialize in tool design and building, plastic injection molding, two-shot molding, and thermoplastics. We believe it is vital to work closely with the customer through all phases of the Uniphase path for consistent success. Collaboration at every stage, along with our continuous development of in-house technologies, puts Uniphase a grade above the rest.

Have a product idea you’re ready to put into motion? Reach out to us today, and we can breathe life into your design together.

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