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Tooling is the single most crucial part of any injection molding project. If a tool is made incorrectly, it can ruin the integrity of the product’s design and add additional costs to fix it. These minor mistakes have a major impact that can cause significant headaches and cost your company hundreds of dollars.

At Uniphase Inc., our company was built on providing value through complete turn-key offerings for the custom injection molding industry. We pride ourselves on creating, developing, and deploying effective tooling solutions to ensure our customer’s products are manufactured right on the first try. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and process automation, we have the capabilities to eliminate the improper tooling issues and push the product to market, fast.

Our Capabilities

Uniphase Inc. is a full-service engineering and manufacturing company specializing in tool design and building, plastic injection molding, and thermoplastics. Being full-service means you can come to us with an idea scribbled down on a napkin, and we can make it a reality. At Uniphase, we build our production experience into the tools we create, tailoring the tool for the project’s need. While other tool houses may build tools only one way, we look at the program at a higher level, fitting the tool to the program’s actual needs, reducing lifetime tooling cost to our customers.

Beyond our state-of-the-art captive toolroom, our talented team includes industry professionals with decades of experience. All of this provides us with the unique ability to bring together design and process experts to deliver robust tools that meet any project scope. We use virtual molding technologies to simulate actual molding conditions and build those into the molds with state-of-the-art tooling automation.

The Uniphase Advantage

At Uniphase, we know time is valuable. This is why getting customers their finished product on time is our number one priority. We engage with our customers right away and work side-by-side during the tool design process to ensure that we understand the exact requirements, allowing the project to get done right the first time, on time. The captive resources at Uniphase allow us to hit deadlines other tool rooms can’t, giving us the ability to get to market faster. Our production is our toolroom’s customer. All of our production expertise is built into the tools. By continuously reinvesting in new equipment, we ensure we are always ahead of the curve when it comes to tool making technology.

Since 2004, Uniphase has recognized the need to bring highly engineered, turn-key solutions to the custom injection molding industry. We always strive to exceed expectations and push the boundaries of tooling. Whether you need a simple solution or have a brand new idea, Uniphase is here to help.

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